A number of national and international speakers will contribute to the EABS IV program. 

Watch this space for future updates and presentation details. Please see below for confirmed speakers and presentations. 

Keynote Address


Gary has over 25 years experience of research into clastic depositional systems in continental to shallow marine successions in rocks ranging from Devonian to Miocene and many parts of the  world. Much of his research has been related to applications to the oil, gas and coal industries having worked on exploration and development projects for a number of companies. For over 20 years he has been one of the lead tutors on a very successful Masters program in Petroleum Geoscience taught at Royal Holloway, in Russia and by Distance Learning. He has also regularly led training courses for industry clients in clastic sedimentology and in recent years a field-based reservoir sedimentology course. His book, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, is now in its second edition and he is an author of over 80 scientific papers. He currently works at Royal Holloway University of London, and has also held positions at Liverpool University, Charles University in Prague and the University Centre on Svalbard, Norway. 

Proffered Paper Presentations

The following presentations will be made as part of the Symposium Program:

 Unconventional hydrocarbon plays in the Permian succession, South Australia
- Sandra Menpes

South Australia, PEL 106A The Road to Development
 - Talline Zarzavatjian

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea: New Insights from a Modern 3D Seismic Survey
 Andrew Botsford

Determining well-bore pathways during multilateral drilling campaigns in shale resource plays: an example using chemostratigraphy from the Horn River Formation, British Columbia, Canada
- Ken Ratcliffe

Fluid flow features and magmatism in the Capel and Faust basins, offshore eastern Australia
- Nadege Rollet

Geothermal Potential in the Clarence-Moreton Basin, New South Wales: A Case Study in Reducing Uncertainties in Thermal Modelling
- Marcus Haynes

Aeromagnetics identifies oil & gas exploration potential for the Bedout Sub-basin
- Priyanka Roy Chowdhury

Data quality control and validation methodologies for quality assurance in geological modelling 
- Michael McKillop

Australasian asphaltite strandings revisited:  the effects of weathering and biodegradation on their biomarker profiles
- Tony Hall

Coastal Geothermal Energy Initiative: An innovative approach to assessing Queensland’s geothermal potential
- Sarah Sargent

An efficient method of converting scanned seismic images to SEG-Y data
- Owen Dixon

Unconventional Gas Mining: Insight from Pore to Mine Scale Modeling 
- Huilin Xing

PANDAS: High Performance Geocomputing Software and Its Application in Deep Mining  
- Huilin Xing

Understanding the uncertainty of gas saturation estimates: an example from a single subbituminous coal seam
- Tennille Mares

Shale gas potential in Papuan Foreland Basin
- Mark KeYang Ma

New Focus on the Bight Basin: Australian southern Rift 
- Peter Boult

Influence of basement structures on stress regimes in the Surat and Bowen Basins, southeast Queensland
- Samuel Brooke-Barnett

Vertical geochemical profiling of the marine Toolebuc Formation, Eromanga Basin– implications for shale gas and shale oil potential
- Chris Boreham

Petroleum Prospectivity of the Tasman Frontier Region: The Vast, Unexplored Frontier at Our Doorstep
- Takehiko Hashimoto

Assessing the Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of Eastern Australia
- Takehiko Hashimoto

Using a 3D geological model to assess the spatial variability of formation groundwater chemistry in the Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia
- Matthias Raiber

Petroleum Potential of the Torres Basin, Offshore South East Papua New Guinea
- Michael Swift

Subduction history of the eastern Coral Sea
- Maria Seton

Enhanced Recovery and CO2 Storage in Bottomwater Drive Gas and Gas Condensate Reservoirs 
- Yildiray Cinar

Plate Tectonic Consequences of competing models for the Banda Sea subducted oceanic lithosphere
- Christian Heine

Thermal history and gas and geothermal prospectivity of the onshore Gippsland Basin: the present regime cooler - and hydrologically disturbed - in comparison to the past
- Ben Harrison

Gippsland Basin stratigraphic and CO2 migration modelling: workflows for building regional, geological carbon storage (GCS) reservoir models
- John Miranda

Crustal velocity and sediment thickness asymmetries along and between the conjugate Australian-Antarctic margins
- Joanne Whittaker

New Insights into the Structural and Thermal Development of the Papuan Foreland: Implications for Hydrocarbon Charge & Prospectivity
- Gareth Cooper

The Clarence-Moreton Basin in NSW; geology, stratigraphy and coal seam gas characteristics 
- Anita Doig

Late Cretaceous to present-day opening of the Southwest Pacific constrained by numerical models 
- Kara Matthews

Impact of Carbon Tax and Onshore PRRT to Exploration
- Max Williamson

Drilling induced fractures in coal core, and a simple method of using these in conjunction with bore-wall breakout to determine cleat and principal horizontal stress relationships and azimuths in vertical drill-holes
- David Titheridge

Building confidence in containment security and reservoir performance for CO2 geostorage at the regional scale
- Jonathon Hodgkinson

Developing a Consistent Sequence Stratigraphy for the Wilkes Land and Great Australian Bight Margins
- Hannah Lane

FALCON™ Airborne Gravity Gradiometry provides a smarter exploration tool for unconventional and conventional hydrocarbons: case study from the Fitzroy Trough, onshore Canning Basin 
- David Moore

Full-fit Reconstruction of the Southern Australian Margin and Antarctica – Implications for Correlating Geology between Australia and Antarctica
- Simon Williams

Applying Technical Co-Opportunity from Gas Exploration to Sales 
- Malcolm Altmann

Fault seal analysis in 'branched' fault traps, eastern Gippsland Basin 
- Jacques Sayers

Potential risks and challenges to Shale Gas Explores in Eastern Australian Sedimentary Basins 
- Lila Gurba

CSG - 15 years of unprecedented development
- Sue Slater

Detailed seal studies for CO2 storage in the Gippsland Basin 
- Nick Hoffman

Toolebuc Formation  - Shale Gas Potential
- Melanie Fitzell

Poster Presentations

The below posters will be presented at the Symposium. There will be dedicated poster tours to allow authors to share their work with delegates:

Linking three-dimensional geological modelling and multivariate statistical analysis to define groundwater chemistry baseline and identify inter-aquifer connectivity within the Clarence-Moreton Basin, Southeast Queensland, Australia
- Matthias Raiber

Carbonic acid leaching of elements from coal during batch reactor experiments with supercritical CO2 and water at 40°C and 95 bars: The effect of the presence of 1500 ppm dissolved sodium chloride upon mobilisation of elements from coal minerals
- Grant Dawson

Testing the ‘boomerang’: origin of gas content profiles and reservoir heterogeneity in the Walloon Subgroup, eastern Surat Basin, Queensland
- Stephanie Hamilton

Comparative mineralogical study of two unproven seals – a geostorage perspective: the Walloon Subgroup, Surat Basin and the Moolayember Formation, Galilee Basin, Queensland
- Micaela Grigorescu

Development of a 3D Geological Model of the Galilee and Eromanga Basins-Approach and Features
- Claudio Moya

CSG water chemistry changes due to carbon dioxide degassing: implications for production, sampling, management, and disposal
- Mauricio Taulis

Meshing and Construction of a 3D Reservoir System
- Huilin Xing

Finite Element Simulation of Multiphase Flow with Soluble Gases
- Jingyu Shi

Assessing the potential for gas adsorption in a subbituminous coal using small angle scattering techniques 
- Tennille Mares

Tectonostratigraphic Development of the Deepwater Otway and Sorell Basins, South Eastern Australia
- Cameron Mitchell

Building an Australian Coal Basins GIS
- Ivan Schroder

An efficient method of converting scanned seismic images to SEG-Y data
- Owen Dixonrity and reservoir performance for CO2 geostorage at the regional scaleBuilding confidence in containment security and reservoir performance for CO2 geostorage at the regional scale- - 

Geodynamics of the earliest phase of Mesozoic rifting basins, Eastern Australia
- Pengfei Li 

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